What NOT to say to the newly broken hearted

Oh she/he will be back.

You can do better.

Jails are so overcrowded, 4 years will be more like 4 months.

There’s other fish in the sea.

Wow, I can tell you’ve been crying, you look horrible!

It’s for the best, your husband/wife would’ve been pissed, IF they found out.

There’s a hundred more like him/her.

The next one will be even better.

You’ll see they weren’t that great after all.

Finally you’ll get some quiet without that ankle monitor going off all the time.

Look at the money you’ll be saving on a Christmas present.

If it was meant to be, it will be.

Better now than a year from now.

You can’t honestly tell me you’ll miss the neighborhood watch protesting on your lawn every night and the whole week of Halloween.

There’s more than one person for all of us, there’s like 3 trillion people in the world, do the math.

Maybe you were just lonely, you know how you can’t stand to be alone.

With all that free time, especially night, week-ends and holidays, maybe you can go back to school, join a gym, or clean this place up.

Wow, you’re a hawt mess!

Eventually you’ll get tired of crying.


What to say…

I’m sorry you’re sad, take one day at a time.  You can only do your best.





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