One of the rules, if you’re fat, you can’t question thin people’s eating habits, ever.

You can be fat, you can be overweight, you can even be grotesquely obese, BUT it means you forfeit the God-given right you thought you had to question how and what thin people eat*.  Sorry, but it’s one of the rules.  I know with all the weight discrimination talk out there and 20/20 doing their pieces on how  poorly society treats overweight people, we’re scared to bring this rule back to light, and I am not saying thin people have the right humiliate the overweight, but thin people do have the right not to have to listen to nutritional advice from the overweight.  We, yes I am on the thin side, have earned the right not to be criticized by the overweight community.  Don’t you worry, I’ll explain.  When doughnuts are bought into work and I almost get knocked over because someone noticed there was only one jelly-filled left and I forgo my doughnut thus allowing someone a second helping.  Do I get even a “thank you”?  Nope, instead I am told “to live a little”.  I am told I am “too picky” by someone who weighs at least 100 lbs more than I do.  That is just not okay.  My friend’s wife, who is my height and weighs 40 lbs more than I do, who has gone to the gym less times in her life than I have in a week, questioned if my meal was “healthy”.   This is against the rules people.  Why is it acceptable for someone to tell me to “put some meat one my bones”, yet I cannot tell someone to get rid of some fat from theirs?  I can be called all kinds of names, the work place is notorious for this, but if I called one person “fat”, even if it was the fattest person there or even used the word “overweight”, I would be in HR so quick, quicker than everyone running that time the boss made those yummy brownies with the Herseys Kiss on top and some caramel drizzle, well everyone said they were yummy.   I work hard to look how I do and I certainly will not criticize the way anyone else looks, but come on, common courtesy, that’s all.


*As in most cases, there are always exceptions; you are in the medical or mental health profession or are a formally thin person, but have suffered some tragic injury or serious accident, perhaps defending our country or rescuing a child from a fire, that sort of thing or have a health condition that substantially effects your metabolism.


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