Open Letter To Creepy Dad

Dear Creepy Dad,
I must admit I am a bit taken back by your actions tonight or lack there of. As we embark on the 6th year of our “relationship”, I fear you have lost interest. I did not know I would handle this so hard, or even hard at all, but there was something missing from tonight’s Open House. You did not look at me once. Perhaps you did not see me? I know I sat in back and stayed to myself and didn’t talk to anyone, I tend to be little on the shy side and I don’t think I have too much in common with the other parents, but that’s a whole other set of issues, back to you and me, sir, this is not over. I just find it difficult to believe you did not notice me. I can’t believe that after everything we had together you would just throw it all away. Like that conversation we had 2 years ago on Halloween, well our only conversation. I must admit that for an older gentleman you are quite agile and stealthy, reminding me of perhaps a ninja, you really did come out of nowhere and you’re quick, when I saw you in front of me I tried to ignore you and walk away, almost running at one point, but you were not having that, you must be a Type A personality. You did not care my children were there or my friend and her children. Your eyesight is that of cat, for that as well I commend you, it was dark, I was dressed like a butterfly, but you still spotted me, which brings me back to original point about tonight. Did you see me or not? I know your wife saw me in the hallway, she gave me the eye, after the Halloween incident she keeps a close eye on me. So what the hell? Are you trying to turn the tables here? I know at times I seemed a little put off by you, annoyed, or even frightened. Maybe I just misunderstood your determination as inappropriate behavior, I know my ex-husband did, when he blocked you from continuing to take pictures of me at the Holiday Performance. Until he pointed it out, I did not notice you due to the fact I was too busy watching the kids sing, “All I want for Christmas are my 2 front teeth”. I should apologize for him temporarily blocking your shots, you might have noticed we go into a bit of an argument . You see he was in my personal space and I’m kind of weird about that, especially with him, since we are divorced and all, I did not feel he had the right to get so close to me, he was acting kind of jealous, he said protective, but I wasn’t buying it. Anyways, I weighed my options and if it makes you feel any better, you won. I decided I would rather you, Creepy Dad take pictures of me and do whatever it is you were planning on doing with them, than have my ex inhaling the air I had just exhaled, I think that’s carbon monoxide, not sure though, but I think I read that somewhere. Oh maybe I should apologize for calling you, “Creepy Dad”. I apologize for calling you “Creepy Dad” and I apologize on behalf of my ex and my friend from Halloween, they call you that, too, but I don’t know your name. So now what? Can we fix this, have we just run our course, are you playing hard to get? Help me out here Creepy Dad, can’t you see I’m trying!!!???


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